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Me and My Shovel

Me and My ShovelThis is me, preparing the garden for the fall crop. I don’t own a tiller.

Oh, I purchased the contraption once—under the mistaken impression that every good gardener should have one. It was expensive . . . hard to start . . . at the repair shop more often than not. It was loud, heavy, and whipped up the soil like my KitchenAid mixer with cream.

It’s not good for the garden bed to be disturbed that way. Continue reading Me and My Shovel

Winning the Battle with Caliche

Caliche_030915Calcium carbonate forms a concrete-like bond which turns dirt into a rock called caliche.

The first time I saw caliche was when my daughter, Tiffany, purchased her first home. A pale brown concrete-like substance covered the back yard. Not a weed or a single blade of grass broke through the hard pan. It was barren.

She and her husband dug holes for two trees with jackhammers. Tiffany wondered how to reclaim her yard so that she could have plants like the rest of the world. I had no idea how to help. Continue reading Winning the Battle with Caliche