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Red-Tailed Hawk

redtailhawkThis fellow is the most common hawk in my area. I’ve taken this picture today, one-half mile from my home in Buckeye, AZ.

The weather is dark and gloomy . . . been raining all day. I’m pretty sure the prey is all hiding, and that this guy is depressed and hungry.  Perhaps the hunting will be better tomorrow.

Recently, I wanted to get out into the Arizona desert to see different kinds of animals. I considered joining a hiking club. When I accompanied them on a wilderness hike, I stopped to identify “that plant” and later, “those birds.” After awhile, the group waived a polite goodbye, “Can’t wait! See ya down at the trail’s end.”

Fortunately, I’ve found two groups that share similar ideals and tendencies to stop and smell the roses.

Arizona Field Ornithologists (birding)

Sonoran Audubon Society

Now, I’m learning the bird species in my area. I can’t wait to share the picture of my Red-Tailed friend.

Writing a New Book

Mesquite in the sunLiving on acreage in the middle of nowhere sometimes leaves me out of touch with the modern world.

For example, during a recent planning meeting for an event, the facilitator turned out the lights and began a computer presentation on some sort of digital board. I’ve never seen this contraption before. At one point, I attempted to help the instructor erase the chalkboard. (No kidding!)

I’ve never felt completely at ease with the year in which I was born. Surely, I should have lived during some prior time—some earlier generation, or even century.

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I was enchanted! Can you tell?

Donna with Jim and TiffanyDonna Hamill pictured with husband Jim and daughter Tiffany.


The awesome speaker (not pictured) was Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan.

The internationally-renown author spoke on January 12 to a group of beginning farmers about the challenges and opportunities for producers growing for local markets. The mixer was presented in association with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Maricopa County, Master Farmers Program.

I was pleasantly surprised when the world-famous Gary Paul sat at our table briefly to sign my books (three of my least-tattered copies). I will treasure that moment forever! Continue reading I was enchanted! Can you tell?

Meeting Gary Paul Nabhan is on my life-long bucket list. I’m giddy with anticipation!

Aug_Amaranth_092114Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan co-founded Native Seeds/SEARCH (www.nativeseeds.org), a non-profit dedicated to conserving and promoting arid-adapted crops throughout the US and northwestern Mexico. I’ve been buying precious, endangered heirlooms from this organization for twenty years, which was my introduction to the work of Gary Paul. Continue reading Meeting Gary Paul Nabhan is on my life-long bucket list. I’m giddy with anticipation!

Gnome’s Heirloom Garden enters a new year with some surprises!

Harvested with stemsBeing a brand-new website, I expected the readership of GHG to be almost exclusively local. What a wonderful surprise this morning when I receive the 2014 site summary from WordPress.com documenting the countries of origin for the site’s audience.

That’s 48 countries in all!
Most visitors came from The United States. Brazil & Italy were not far behind.

Wow! Thank you all for joining my family (and Gnome) in our humble Arizona garden. Of course, the real star is our rare onion friend, the Tohono O’odham I’itoi. It is he who drew the most visitors-and that’s exactly how it should be.

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