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Writing a New Book

Mesquite in the sunLiving on acreage in the middle of nowhere sometimes leaves me out of touch with the modern world.

For example, during a recent planning meeting for an event, the facilitator turned out the lights and began a computer presentation on some sort of digital board. I’ve never seen this contraption before. At one point, I attempted to help the instructor¬†erase the chalkboard. (No kidding!)

I’ve never felt completely at ease with the year in which I was born. Surely, I should have lived during some prior time—some earlier generation, or even century.

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WWII Veteran and Volunteer

Steve, a WWII veteran, worked by my side for 15 years at a local non-profit organization.

I was a paid-staff member, and he was a volunteer, serving 40 hours per week. (You didn’t misread that sentence. Steve worked alongside of me for 15 years, all day every day as a volunteer!)

This remarkable man was also my friend.

The following recollection is a true story.

* * *

In the Basement