Monkees Concert in Mesa


The Monkees concert in Mesa last night was Groovy!
We sang, we screamed, we danced. . . .
Micky Dolenz was scheduled to appear with Peter Tork, but the latter member had to cancel due to family issues. (I hope all is well with Peter.)
Unfortunately, we lost Davy Jones a short while ago. (I miss him a  lot.) Mike Nesmith doesn’t often join the concert due to business responsibilities relating to other than ‘Monkees business.’

img_1995My daughter and I expected only Micky Dolenz to appear in concert Thursday evening. We were pleasantly surprised when Mike Nesmith unexpectedly joined the concert to fill in for Peter. It was a thrill to see him, as Mike was absent when I last saw the group in the 1990’s.  Of course, all four band members were present when I first delighted to their music at the coliseum during the Arizona State Fair around 1970 or 1971.
img_1994Thursday, my daughter and I drove 50 miles from our homes in the SW Valley to see the show in Mesa. We dragged in the house, tired but elated, about midnight. Life on a farm starts early, so I’ve not had much sleep.
I would not have missed it for the world!
I n case you are wondering . . . yes, I was a hippie. These are my leather-strip vests from when I first wore them. I was an ‘organic garden hippie’ even then.

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