Macramé Plant Holder, Pagoda

Pagoda 1Here’s my latest craft activity in macramé. It’s called ‘Pagoda’ and was taken from a 1970 pattern.



Notice I’ve converted my craft room door to a knotting station by placing an adjustable robe hook panel over the top. The pillowcase protects the paint from the hooks rubbing. The three hooks allow me to do plant hangars, like this one, as well as narrow wall hangings from dowels. I have a series of bands and rings (not shown) that bring the work down to eye level.
I hope to have some of these, along with pots, at the next plant sale at Metro Tech Fair (19 Ave/Thomas, Phx) in October. In the next few months I should be placing some on my Etsy site as well, but without the pots (difficult to mail). Look for them.

My Etsy site:

My daughter’s Etsy site:

More pics: Pagoda 2

Pagoda 3

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