Artichoke under magic treeDo artichokes grow in Arizona?

Some gardening books say these particular plants don’t like the southwest desert. Maybe that’s why, in spite of being an avid vegetable gardener, I’ve never tried to grow them before. This one-year-old specimen represents my first artichoke experiment—the little guy thrives!

My garden gnome tells me the magical tree protects his friend.GnomeLogo_120314

No kiddin’, the mesquite leans over to cuddle the plant, shielding foliage from harsh solar rays in summer and holding in heat during cold winter nights.

One of my human garden buddies had several artichokes growing out in the full sun. Her plants went dormant to escape triple-digit heat in the summer. Mine, however, stayed green all year long. Again, maybe the tree?

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    1. Plants often adjust their size to accommodate the restricted growing-environment in a pot. If a larger one wouldn’t work, I’d look at the other factors, including water, sun, and compost. The great thing about pots, though, is that you can move them around seasonally to adjust for environmental conditions. . . . My garden gnome wants to know, “Are you talking to the plant?”


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