Can a garden gnome really come to life to help me?
Can a garden gnome really come to life to help me?

Baskets for Butterflies is ready to take flight!

Ohmygosh! I can’t believe my book is almost ready for publication!

Here’s the latest update:

Written—complete. Readers can share four months of my crazy life on an Arizona heritage farm with dairy goats, turkeys, chickens, and a few mishaps. My organic garden struggles in the extreme Arizona heat. Thank goodness, my seeds are heirlooms from the ancient Native Americans. Unfortunately, many of these priceless treasures near extinction! I wish a mentor were here to help—and then mystical forces conjure just the gnome I need. Who knew that the little guy needed me, too? To me, the art of garden lore and storytelling is as endangered as the seeds I grow.

Edited—complete. My older daughter, Tiffany (Ty), has a degree in writing and literature. She not only dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, but she also helped add meaning and depth to my simple stories. We are overjoyed about the prospect of educating the public regarding the importance of saving heirloom seeds. This is a chance for us to make a positive difference in the world regarding an issue that’s close to our hearts—and have fun doing it!

E-formatted—in-progress. A friend, Ken Johnson of, is currently conjuring a bit of magic himself as he formats my book for Kindle and other devices. I saw a preliminary review copy, which made me cry from joy. As soon as this version is available, I’ll post an update.

Hard copy version—in-progress. I’m working on the pdf format needed for print-on-demand availability. This will happen soon, as well.

I’ve updated the cover image in the ‘Books’ section. A short-statured friend of mine complained his picture was not on the cover. Gnome is full of wisdom, so I generally follow his advice!

I’ve also updated the ‘Excerpt’ page to reflect the most recently edited version of text.

Please show your excitement about my book by forwarding this information to your friends!

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